Our Vision

The Inverse Surveillance Project strives to model how we as a community can...

  • Heal

    collectively from years of traumatic and violent state-sponsored surveillance

  • Center

    those most impacted by years of surveillance in a non-extractive way

  • Create

    an intentional process of co-creation that benefits the community and reimagines power and culture building

  • Thrive

    as a community by practicing our sacred traditions of togetherness, hospitality and creating art

Guiding Principles

“Co-creation is a living process…”

In Collective Wisdom, a field study spear-headed by the MIT Open Documentary Lab and co-authored by our friend and mentor Katerina Cizek we understand co-creation to be: “an alternative to a single-author vision… a process that involves a constellation of media production methods, frameworks, and feedback systems.

In co-creation projects emerge from a process, they evolve from within communities and with people, rather than for or about them. The concept of co-creation reframes the ethics of who creates, how, and why. Our research shows that co-creation interprets the world, and seeks to change it, through a lens of equity and justice.”